Flying costs

Air Experience Flight costs

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Membership costs

To learn how to fly a glider (sailplane), or to fly club gliders, you must first join the club, and in addition join the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA).

Flying Costs

The cost of hiring a glider for members is as detailed below. Note that instructors are not paid and give their time freely, as do all the other people involved in making the operation work.

Launch rates depend on height, for example:

Height Cost
2,000 ft $68
3,000 ft $82
4,000 ft $96

Hourly rates

Time Cost
First & Second Hour $1.20 per minute
Third & Fourth Hours $0.60 per minute
Fifth Hour + No Charge

The maximum charge for flying time for a flight made is $216.00, ie 4 hours (2 hours at $1.20/min + 2 hours at 60c/min).

Various packages are also available to full members.