WoI, May 2017

Ken McCracken in CPU towing Nigel Arnot's Fox fully aerobatic glider at Wings Over Illawarra

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  • May 2017: exhibited and provided tow plane for the Wings Over Illawarra air show. Photos by John Sharp.

    WoI, May 2017

    DGI on display at Wings Over Illawarra

  • December 2016 to January 2017: Summer camp at Cootamundra.

    Due to our proximity to other gliding clubs we've been able to engage in the fun and skulduggery involved in the exchange of wanted and unwanted NSW gliding club trophies…

    It's been a complicated trophy time at Cootamundra. Andrew collected the Come And Get It trophy for Southern Cross Gliding Club after flying from Cootamundra to Temora in his Jantar. Then Paul flew his Stemme to Cootamundra to claim the trophy on behalf of Narromine club.

    Paul advised he'd started his engine to get through a rain shower on the way to Coota - and he declined to take the trophy. Some dreadful slurs followed - claiming that Andrew had taken a tow to a great height and just glided downwards to Temora. Surely no member of Southern Cross would stoop to such tactics. Or maybe!

    However, on Tuesday a Janus arrived from Temora to claim the Come and Get It trophy on behalf of Bathurst club - and deliver the dreaded We Don't Want It trophy. Nathan from Temora club and Dominique from Bathurst landed at Coota and claimed they had soared the whole way. Like the honourable people we are, we did not doubt their word. We offered them hospitality, pushed them back to the start point and gave them a free tow to get them back to Temora.

    Now we have to figure out how to get rid of the WDWI! (There is a cunning plan…)

    Cootamundra trophies, 2017

    Dominique from Bathurst & Nathan from Temora with the trophies

    and finally, on the last day of camp…

    Michael has single-handedly upheld the honour of the Southern Cross Gliding Club by flying an unwanted trophy to Temora and delivering it to the Canberra Gliding Club.

    The We Don't Want It trophy arrived at Cootamundra this week on a Janus from Temora. Michael volunteered to get rid of it despite facing terrible odds of failure. He was battling blustery headwinds and broken thermals rising only to a miserly 4000 ft when he set off on his daredevil mission to fly from Cootamundra to Temora (Where Canberra are having their annual camp).

    In what can only be described as an epic voyage, on a day when few glider pilots were prepared to risk the threatening skies, Michael climbed into his DG303 and struggled through a huge 50 kilometres to land at Temora. He was greeted kindly by the local glider pilots and offered refreshment (although they made him pay for his ice-cream).

    Exhausted by his gruelling journey, Michael summoned his faithful ground crew and took a trailer ride back to Cootamundra. This flight will stand as an example to our club pilots of the lofty heights that can be reached with courage and fortitude.

    We Don't Want It trophy, 2017

    Michael handing over the We Don't Want It trophy & Showers near Cootamundra





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