Joining the club

Both trainee and experienced pilots are welcome to apply to join the Southern Cross Gliding Club.

Probationary membership packages

The Club offers two probationary membership packages, a five-flight and a ten-flight package. Each includes pre-paid instructional flights and represents excellent value for money. For more details, see Learn to Fly.

Common features of both packages

Both packages include:

  • 3 months membership of Southern Cross Gliding Club
  • Short term membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA).
  • A pilot log book to record your flying progress.
  • A new member induction booklet with details about Club operations.

These packages allows you enough time to start your training and determine if gliding is for you. At the end of this period you will normally be invited to become a Full Flying member of the Club.

Full members

The Club membership year runs from 1st May each year. Members who become Full Flying members during the year pay a pro-rata amount which annualises their Club membership for the following year. The Membership Secretary calculates this amount when you are invited to Full Flying membership status.

Associate member

If you're already a member of a bona-fide Australian gliding club, or an international club that is affiliated with the The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) you may join the club as an associate member. This entitles you to fly the club aircraft on an occasional basis. If you decide that Southern Cross is the club for you, or if the Club determines that you are a fairly regular flyer with us, you can convert (or may be asked to convert) across to Full Flying membership.


Southern Cross Gliding Club recognises that young people interested in taking up aviation may find it financially difficult to do so. In response, we created our scholarship scheme to give young pilots a chance to get started. We recognise that gliding is a great, affordable introduction to aviation with pilots later progressing to careers in the air force and in commercial aviation. We like to support our future pilots and to make it easier for keen students to get started.

Applicants for our scholarship scheme need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. have not yet had their 20th birthday;
  2. be wholly or in substantial part supported by a parent or guardian; and
  3. have served a probationary membership period after joining the club, normally by acceptance of a membership package consisting of a specified number of flights.

If you meet the above criteria, then you may be eligible to apply for our scholarship. Students flying under a scholarship are not required to pay by-the-minute airtime charges and are entitled to reduction of membership costs. For further information on joining this scheme, please contact us by sending an email to

Membership Fees

Southern Cross Gliding Club 2022 fees for current members

Annual Full Flying Membership $600.00
Annual Student Membership $300.00
Additional Flying Family Member (Student or Adult) $300.00
Associate Membership $300.00
Associate Student Membership $150.00
Tow Pilot (no glider flying) Membership $150.00
Non-Flying membership $25.00

Southern Cross Gliding Club new member fees

Contact our Membership Secretary for more information.

GFA fees

Members must also hold current membership with the GFA. All current members, apart from those on a 3 months Probationary membership package need to renew their membership with the GFA directly.