Experienced pilots

Already learnt to fly?

You are welcome to apply to join the club and enjoy the benefits of flying in our extensive fleet of gliders. You can also join us at the camps we hold or participate in at various venues during the year.

Daily Inspectors training

View our Daily Inspector training videos produced with the GFA - Airworthiness Training Series on YouTube.

Visiting pilots

If you're already a member of a bona-fide Australian gliding club, or an international club that is affiliated with the The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale(FAI) you may join the club as an associate member to fly the club aircraft on an occasional basis.

To fly with us, visitors must be a current member of the GFA or take out appropriate short term membership, and a GFA Radiotelephone Operator endorsement is also required. A check flight is normally required before flying.